BLN offers a 15 minute complimentary phone consultation. We’ll use this time to discuss your health concerns/goals and we will explain how Nutritional Therapy might be effective for your needs. We will also be able to answer any questions you have about the Nutritional Therapy Process.

STEP 1 –Before we meet for the first time, you will provide BLN with the following information:

  • Completed health questionnaire
  • Three day food journal
  • Completed 20 minute online symptom questionnaire

Nutritional Therapy is a comprehensive, individualized program, so this information is essential!

STEP 2 – Our standard initial consultation procedure involves two separate appointments:

1st Appointment – We will meet and go over your health history and food journal as we continue to get a sense of your individual needs. This appointment may or may not include a functional exam. The functional exam is a hands on examination of specific reflex points on the body, which can indicate areas in need of nutritional support. In addition, we will do a personalized test of supplements for their potential benefits to you.

2nd Appointment – BLN will present our findings from your initial information and consultation session. In addition we will propose a Nutritional Recommendations plan. This is a mutually designed, customized plan tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle.

STEP 3 – FOLLOW UPS: You may see immediate results from your program, but other results take place slowly over time. Follow up visits are helpful, if not essential, for adjustment and fine tuning your program, education, support, and documenting progress. Follow up visits can be scheduled on as needed basis or in 3 and 6 month packages. For plan pricing, please consult with us, we work with all budgets!